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Posted by LegacyUser on 25-Feb-2003 09:19


You can use the XML Export tool from the "Progress Dynamics" that is created in the tools menu in RTB. This will allow you to export objects from the ICFDB to the Roundtable repository.

Let me know if you need more iformation about this.


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Subject: rtb module load for dynamic object


the roundtable integration of dynamics is very restrictive if

objects that are modified or objects referencing the modified

objects are missing in the roundtable repository. this can be

the case it there were objects created in dynamics (1.1,

later migrated of 2) prior to the roundtable integration.

the result is that you can't update these objects or

properties in the dynamics repository as each transaction

gets rolled back.

is there a way to "module load" all the missing objects to

roundtable? it not can the roundtable replication be made

more error tollerant in there cases?

In a static development environment this is possible by

either module loading the missing objects or open these

objects as non-roundtable objects in the progress ade. this

must somehow be possible in dynamics as well.



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