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Posted by LegacyUser on 27-Feb-2003 03:08

I'm not using dynamics, only ADM2, but what I do is to rename data.calculate

in the sdo and create own data.calculate. The AB still maintains the

original renamed data.calculate but you can do what you like in your new ip

i.e. any 4gl code that will assign the fields - see



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Subject: Data Calculate fields

Hi there,

In a static SDO, I have 3 data calculate fields:

1. rowObject.cPersonOrg_name = entry(1,rowObject.cPersonOrg_string)

2. rowObject.cPersonOrg_obj

3. rowObject.cPersonOrg_string = dynamic-function ..............

The result of rowObject.cPersonOrg_name is dependent on the result of


The data calculate procedure is read-only and the above 3 data calculate

fields are stored in an alphabetical sequence automatically and it would

appear they are processed in that sequence.

How can one change the order in which data calculate fields are processed

besides changing the name of the first data calculate field to force it

alphabetically to be processed last.

Kind regards




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