[icf-dev] Error '**No record is available. (91)' wh

Posted by LegacyUser on 27-Feb-2003 06:40

Not dynamics integrated with dynamics 2.0A but with Roundtable

of course.

Environment: PROGRESS V9.1D SP03


ROUNDTABLE V9.1C (with SP01 of Dynamics loaded)

Has somebody a solution for this annoying problem?

This error occurs when executing next steps:

1. Start Roundtable.

2. Select the development workspace (eg. 01DEV)

3. Log on to the dynamics environment and start the Appbuilder

4. Reselect the development workspace (eg. 01DEV)

5. Open a procedure using the Appbuilder. Now getting the error.



1. Close the Dynamics AppBuilder

2. Select <none> in the workspace

3. Select Development workspace (eg. 01DEV)



When a user accidentally clicks on the combo-box of the workspace in

the RTB desktop and selects the workspace again, the above problem

occurs and the user has to follow the workaround.



c:\Sysprogs\Rtb91c\_rtb.r (c:\Sysprogs\Rtb91c\_rtb.r) at line 484

desk.p (c:\sysprogs\dynamics20\gui\desk.r) at line 491

adedesk/_desktop.p (adedesk/_desktop.r) at line 3108

USER-INTERFACE-TRIGGER adedesk/_desktop.p (adedesk/_desktop.r) at

line 2375

RunTool adedesk/desktop.p (adedesk/_desktop.r) at line 1768

ab.p (c:\sysprogs\dynamics20\gui\ab.r) at line 442

adeuib/_uibmain.p (adeuib/_uibmain.r) at line 14803

USER-INTERFACE-TRIGGER adeuib/_abmbar.w (adeuib/_abmbar.r) at line


choose_file_new adeuib/_uibmain.p (adeuib/_uibmain.r) at line 6062

adeuib/_newobj.w (adeuib/_newobj.r) at line 2390

adeshar/_ablic.p (adeshar/_ablic.r) at line 152

--> isICFRunning o:\v9devdyn\trs\01dev\src\icf\af\app\afxmlcfgp.r

(o:\v9devdyn\trs\01dev\src\icf\af\app\afxmlcfgp.r) at line 5073

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