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Posted by LegacyUser on 24-Mar-2003 09:40

Hi there,

I'm struggling with some problems/questions on deploying. I did the following :

- created a new empty ICF-database, loaded df-, dump- and sequence-file;

- set site number;

- created product and module;

- entity import

- generated objects

So far, nothing new or different from what is descibed in the document 'getting started with Progress Dynamics' chapter 2, till paragraph 2.1.9.

If at this point I start a deploy and check 'deploy all modified data', it leaves me with 1 subset for dataset GSCPR and 1 for GSCEM. For every field of an entity mnemonic it creates an empty ado-file, just like for the generated dynamic-viewer and the dynamics-browser.

If at this point I import these datasets into another empty database, I don't have any objects, although they had been generated.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong or what to do to get the generated objects deployed?

I'm using latest V3.0 (Baseline 2) code downloaded with wincvs and 91D patch 5.


Johan B.

Caesar Vitalogic


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