[icf-dev] ICF to Dynamics name change impact

Posted by LegacyUser on 18-Apr-2003 10:21

Hi All,

Here are some of the known issues that will impact you when you return

to work after the Possenet upgrade.

1. CVS

In CVS, you will need to checkout the dynamics module to replace your

current icf module. (Be aware that if everyone tries to do this at

once, you might run into the error of the /tmp file being full. Work

arounds to that are to wait and try again, or to checkout smaller

sections at a time.)

2. ICF mailing lists

All the icf mailing lists (like this one) will now be called

xxx@dynamics.possenet.org. Your current registration will be maintained

so there is no need to re-register, just remember to mail to


3. Propath

If you rely on having the ICF source directory in your propath, you will

need to update it to dynamics.

4. Pbuild

The pbuild script will need to be updated to reflect the module name


These are the known issues at the moment. If you encounter other

problems, please let me know and I will work to have them resolved asap.




Barbara Shannon

Manager, Dataserver Development

Progress Software Corporation. Nashua, NH

(603) 578-6916

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