[icf-dev] Tab order with Folders

Posted by LegacyUser on 22-Apr-2003 19:30

Hi All,

Progress 9.1D05

Dynamics 2.0A01

I have a problem with TAB order between multiple

viewers when folders are used

See example below

Viewer 1:_________



Viewer 2:__________

Viewer 4:__________

The tab order I get is

1. Viewer 1

2. Viewer 4

3. Viewer 2

I have reproduced this on Static and Dynamic containers

with Static SDVs

It seems that the container instantiates in page order first,

then within page, by instance order and layout position.

This instantiation order then translates to tab order.

Does anyone know how to override the tab order between

viewers when a folder is used. I am after the following

tab order

1. Viewer 1

2. Viewer 2 or 3 depending upon which page is up

3. Viewer 4

I have tried playing around within createObjects and

MOVE-AFTER-TAB-ITEM with frame handles, but am starting

to go round in circles. I thought I would get

a bit of feedback from the outside before I go completely mad!

Thanks for any help

Mark Roberts.

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