[icf-dev] Loading standard smartobjects

Posted by LegacyUser on 02-Jun-2003 12:36

IÂ’d like to load some of my existing smartobjects into the Posse version of

the AppBuilder and then save them to the repository. I am able to do this

with SDOÂ’s. However, when I try to load an SDV I get the following errors:

BUFFER-FIELD IsRowObjUpdExternal was not found in buffer ADMProps (7351).

Invalid widget-handle. Not initialized or points to a deleted widget (3135)

BUFFER-FIELD DataColumns was not found in buffer ADMProps (7351)

My regular version of Progress is 9.1D06.

The Posse version is V3 Baseline 3.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Harvey Willensky


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