Dynamics ERD-views for PCase available

Posted by Veli-Matti Korhonen on 05-Apr-2004 06:22


I have been developing with Dynamics almost 2,5 years (started with beta).

Dynamics documentation has improved a lot during that time but there are times when it is useful or even necessary to look Dynamics source code. For that reason and also to get deeper understanding how Dynamics works I have found it important to study the structure of Dynamics repository database ICFDB. ERD modeling tool is very helpfull for that.

Progress uses and references in their documents to ErWin tool made by CA.

I have used PCase by company IAP. The reasons I like it:

- the tool is made for Progress developers

- it is easy to learn use

- it is very well integrated with Progress (can make own extensions)

- can read definations directly from DB or DF-file

- supports creating Dynamics (integrity) triggers

- it is also less expensive than CA's ErWin

- support has been good and fast

I have made ERD-views for PCase. They are quite similar to the ones in Dynamics Repository Reference.

I thought I could save the work for those other Dynamics developers using PCase as a DB-modeling tool and give my PCase ERD-views to the community (they are not perfect but a quite a good starting point). There is also a procedure I got from IAP which reads the Dynamics repository references to PCase (including the reference names).

The transfer format for ERD-views is XML and they can be read to a new PCase project.

Is there a place in Posse or PEG where I could send these ERD-views so people interested can download these ?

Best regards,

-Veli-Matti Korhonen

Wonne Oy, Finland

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