Posted by Admin on 22-Sep-2005 00:58

anyone have example code for MDI,

you know, creating a window within a window, probably using childwindows,

I would like to have a main window , and if the user clicks on customers for example in the sports database, the customer window comes up inside the parent window

im using 9.1D

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Posted by Admin on 18-Feb-2006 16:46

I can not believe there has been so many views of this post without a reply.

MDI (multiple document interface) is not possible using the 4GL we all love. However you can create the illusion. That is where Smart Objects become even more useful. There are many methods used for creating the illusion.

This is where the RUN procName IN handle syntax is useful (applicable in ADM(1) & ADM 2, though you can PUBLISH a named event from 1 object and SUBSCRIBE to in in a different object). For example PUBLISH or RUN a procedure that changes the :HIDDEN attribute to true or :MOVE-TO-BOTTOM. Play around with hiding Smart Objects and making them visible again, to create the illusion.

Posted by jdejager on 22-May-2006 04:31

Check out the whitepapers on One of the whitepapers explains API calls to the Windows OS to create MDI-style containers.

Posted by dvanzo on 01-Jun-2006 07:32

Or... search a series of recents articles about using CodeJock components to obtain MDI functionalilty and much more... (toolbars, docking, grids, etc...)


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