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Posted by daya on 07-Jun-2013 02:39


I am facing a very weird issue.

Let me explain the scenarion as below.

I have a write trigger on table abc which is a table in ABC Database and similarly same table also exists in PQR Database.

The write trigger on abc table is creating a XML using program prg.p which dynamically write a query and generates the XML Nodes and Elements as setup in common table a3.

When the write triggers fire a both the Databases as same time in different sessions with connecting only 1 database at time.

Somehow the XML is generated without and structure change in Nodes or Elements but the Data in Element are partially from both the Database.

I have missed to close the Dynamic query in prg.p which can lead to Memory Leak. But I want to know if can mix the Data from 2 different queries even if the prg.p is run in different sessions.

Can somebody help me to understand, how this can happen or why it happens or is it progress bug in version 9.1d.

Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Desperately waiting to fix the issue.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 24-Oct-2013 13:28


Can you post the source code for prg.p?

Sincerely, Brian Maher

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