Need to hook into the Appbuilder field chooser

Posted by Darren Parr on 18-Jul-2013 10:09


Does anyone know how to hook into the adm2 field chooser. I know that the appbuilder populates the contents from an SDO or from a connected db. I would like to augement this procss by being able to show a programmer a list of fields from a prodataset such that once dropped the fields are linked to the prodataset. I can then look after fetching the PDS buffers in includes etc.

Some pointers on what to look for would be helpful.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 18-Jul-2013 12:23

There should be (in relatively modern, even going back to probably 10.1A) an option to do something like this via the TEMP-DB.

There's a Tools > TEMP-DB maintenance tool that lets you add temp-table fields for use by various smartobjects.

Search the doc for 'TEMP-DB'; this link probably has the best overview of the above


-- peter

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