Progress Proxy Client in .NET

Posted by Admin on 15-Mar-2007 07:55

Hi All,

I am new in using .NET 2.0 with Progress.

I am trying to use the sample .net code which comes along with the opend edge installation.

I created proxy using ProxyGen tool for one of the sample example "OrderInfo"

I converted the sample solution to .NET 2.0 and followed the steps in README.txt for OrderInfo, but I am unable to access the OrderInfoProxy which gets generated using ProxyGen Tool.

As soon as it gets to line OrderDetails m_order = new OrderInfo(m_conn)

it break saying that Connect Failure : Named Server error. I can post the full exception message if required.

Is there any one who can help me in setting up this Proxy and .NET 2.0

Thanks in Advance


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