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Posted by Admin on 10-Jan-2008 12:22

How can I post a message to the ABL Console (the view in Eclipse) where the OpenEdge architect tools display their messages (like database connection progress, compile messages).

I'd like to use that also for programs that I run in OEA.


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Posted by Matt Baker on 10-Jan-2008 14:08

Are you writing your own Eclipse plug-in or do you want to use an ABL program?

Posted by Admin on 10-Jan-2008 14:12

My own ABL procedures. Running from within OpenEdge Architect. I sometimes launch tools with no UI using the customization options. Tools that for instance generate xsd files for any ProDataset definition include generated from T4BL. That's an ABL tool and I'd like to post some status information to the ABL Console - if that's possible at all.

Posted by Matt Baker on 10-Jan-2008 14:28

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do from an ABL program at the moment. It would be straight forward to add this to the oeideservice.p file. If you're not familiar with this file, it is the mechanism the IDE exposes that allows the ABL to call back and perform certain tasks in the IDE. Things like creating views and embedding windows into the IDE. Posting messages to the console isn't on the list. Specific support would have to be added to do this so an enhancement request would need to be logged with tech support.

It might be possible to use the IDE window embedding functionality to create your own console that consists of nothing more than a large text editor that you embed in the IDE, and you could print messages to that. I leave the implementation as an exercise for the reader. If you get it working it would be a good PSDN code share submission

Posted by Admin on 10-Jan-2008 14:37

I know of the oeideservice.p file and also about the ability to embed ABL windows. As they really don't behave well when the view get's resized I gave up on those.

By "it would be straight forward to add this to the oeideservice.p" do you mean I can do so? What message to I need to send using the RUN sendRequest API?

Anyway, I guess it will be easier to use a littel unix-tail plugin and write my log-messages to a file and have the tail plugin display it... Anyway, I'll go on and log the enhancement request with tech support. Can't be too much work to get that implemented, I guess.

Posted by Matt Baker on 10-Jan-2008 15:29

You won't be able to do it yourself since it would require changes in the IDE itself to handle the specific request.

Posted by Admin on 11-Jan-2008 07:13

By the way, I'm using the NTail plugin for Eclipse. It works (in various version) with Eclipse 3.2 (OEA default) and Eclipse 3.3.



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