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Posted by LegacyUser on 19-Nov-2008 07:15

Dear All,

I am working on new Adv GUI feature provided by OE10.2a. Very often I get the system hanged while customizing the properties for ultra controls like ultraWinGrid.

Pl suggest any workaround.



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Posted by Matt Baker on 19-Nov-2008 08:22


Any hang issues should be dealt with through tech support as they have the resources to research the issue. Could you provide details on what you are doing when the hang occurs? Is this a hang of OpenEdge Architect, or is this a hang while running code? I noticed in your other post that you are trying to work with threads. Are the hangs related to that work?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Nov-2008 11:06

Indeed, one might ask if it is a hang since if one is expecting a parallel thread to run in a single threaded AVM, one might wait for a long time!

Posted by GregHiggins on 14-Dec-2008 06:49

Making a habit of restarting every hour solves all sorts of issues.

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