Spell Checking in Eclipse?

Posted by tbergman on 28-Jan-2009 07:45

I noticed a section in editing preferences regarding spell checking. It says the spell check service is not installed.

I'd really like it if there were a spell checker that would work inside the OE editor and would allow a configuration that would only check for spelling inside quoted strings or possibly only in quoted strings inside output statements like message, display, put etc. and not in string compaisons or evaluations.


message "This is a badly speled message".

would get spell checked.

if cust-name = "My Customer".

would not get checked.

I get really frustrated by mis-spelled words in message statements etc.

Does such a thing exist?



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Posted by kevin_saunders on 28-Jan-2009 08:54

I suspect you might need a 3rd party plugin to do this (AFAIK the inbuilt spell checker only works in the Java editor perspective).. Have a search around at Eclipseplugincentral.com

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