vi editor mode?

Posted by Admin on 30-Dec-2009 23:56

OE Architect 10.2B, Win XP SP3

Window -> Preferences, General, Keys, Scheme

has possible options of "AppBuilder, Emacs, Default".  Anyone know how to make vi a possible editor mode?

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Posted by Admin on 31-Dec-2009 02:11

I haven't tried it ( why should I want that kind of stuff ), but there's a plugin:

Don't know if that works on top of the ABL editor in Eclipse.

Posted by pkavuri on 03-Feb-2010 07:43

I am not familiar with VI editor but this should work; we tried this approach for appbuilder shortcut before implementing this feature. You can create .epf file by listing all VI shortcut keys.

By importing the .epf file from File->Import option; you can find vi scheme in keys preference page.

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