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Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2010 07:15

When I create a new perspective which is a copy of the appbuilder perspective (but with different views), it won't display the appbuilder application. However, when I navigate to the appbuilder perspective the appbuilder application loads fine. Any help would be really appreciated.


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Posted by Ravi Sankar on 10-Feb-2010 09:38

How did u create a clone of Appbuilder perspective?? The easiest way is to be in Appbuilder perspective. Right click on the perspective icon/name (near the toolbar) => Save as => any suitable name.

If you want appbuilder icon in any other perspective, right click on perspective name/icon => customize => Commands tab => select appbuilder.

Hope this helps!


Posted by Admin on 10-Feb-2010 10:57

Hi Ravi,

I'm not interested as such in the appbuilder icon being displayed, but I want the appbuilder application to load in the appbuilder framework view of my customised perspective when this customised perspective is loaded.

I'm getting the impression that the only perspective that will open the appbuilder is the default appbuilder perspective, & that customised perspectives cannot do this. Am I right?

I created it by opening the apppbuilder perspective, amended the views to my taste, then went to "Window" -> "Save Perspective As".

Thanks for your help,


Posted by kevin_saunders on 11-Feb-2010 03:46

Open the Project Properties and select OpenEdge -> AppBuilder and make sure 'Start AppBuilder when switching to AppBuilder perspective' is checked.

Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2010 04:48

Hi Kevin,

Yes that is ticked and works when switching to the appbuilder perspective, but doesn't work for when switching to my customised perspective based on the appbuilder perspective.


Posted by Ravi Sankar on 11-Feb-2010 05:40

Could you not overwrite the default appbuilder perspective with your custom layout? In this case, you would lose the shipped default settings of the appbuilder perspective for that workspace.



Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2010 05:47

How do I overwrite it?

Thanks, Dez

Posted by Ravi Sankar on 11-Feb-2010 05:58

Do "Save as" for your custom perspective. Give the name as "OpenEdge AppBuilder". Choose "yes" in the confirmation dialog.



Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2010 07:49

Thanks for your help Ravi, looks like you can't create custom perspectives based on the appbuilder perspective then.


Posted by Ravi Sankar on 11-Feb-2010 08:40

Is your problem solved?

Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2010 10:21

Yes thanks Ravi, my manager ideally wanted the perspective to be named differently as the other developers on our team have never used the eclipse interface & will be new to this idea of working so I'm only being pedantic when I say it would have been nice for the perspective to be called something like ".w perspective"

Thanks for your help

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