Posted by Tung on 21-Jul-2010 11:11

In v9 GUI, I can stop validation happening when leaving a fill-in by checking what widget was entered with LAST-EVENT:WIDGET-ENTER, e.g. when a user hits the Cancel button.

What the equivalent in OEA and GUI for .NET? It probably depends on the control. I'm using an Infragistics text editor.

Solved: use the texteditor:Focused property, for some reason it wasn't listed in the pop up list and now it is!

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Posted by Tung on 23-Jun-2011 04:57

I've found a proper answer.

Use a form's ActiveControl property. If you have a Leave event on a control, ActiveControl will refer to the next control you tabbed into or click on.
This saved me having to check the Focused property on every control on the form.

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