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Posted by jmls on 16-Aug-2011 05:37

Somehow, I've managed to get my text comparison colors in OEA all screwed up. (I installed some plugins and they seem to have done this for me). I have uninstalled the plugins, but still have the same problem. It looks as if the background is the problem, being black makes things difficult.

Has anyone got any idea on how to reset this setting ?


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Posted by sacharya on 16-Aug-2011 06:14

Try out this, if it can help you.

Restore defaults in Preferences>General>Compare/Patch and General>Appearance>Colors and Fonts .

Posted by jmls on 16-Aug-2011 06:25

Houston, we still have a problem.

I had already tried that, but tried again just to check. No go.


On 16 August 2011 12:14, Sasmita Acharya

Posted by jmls on 16-Aug-2011 06:49

found and fixed the problem.

The issue was with Aptana studio, when installed it took over and set up it's own theme. When uninstalled, there is nothing available to reset the colours.

Had to install the latest nightly build, reset the theme to Eclipse, and all's ok with the world

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