10.2B06 OEA changes Case from methods by itself!

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 21-Jun-2012 01:31


i am using Eclipse Helios for Java with integrated OEA.

I just noticed that OEA is changing the case from some methods (first letter) from upper to lower.


method public decimal tradeDiscount( ):


method public decimal TradeDiscount(  ):

The joke is that i copied this moring the full sourcecode of this class (all upper case) from a backup, so i know 100% that it was correct a few minutes ago

After doing some Search und Replaces i noticed thate some(!) methods was changed from upper to lower case.

Today only 4 methods of this class got this problem, yesterday it was nearly 80% and i have to redo all my work.

Is OEA with SP6 out of order?

i this would be an editor setting, every method should be changed, isn't it?



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Posted by jmls on 21-Jun-2012 02:11

It could be either the setting in

Windows->Preferences->Progress Openedge->Editor

or a search/replace gone wrong

I've never seen this behaviour.


Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 21-Jun-2012 02:23


yesterday, as i noticed the problem the first time, i can't remember running search and replace.

What could be wrong?

Perhaps it has to to with german umlaute which are every time corrupted by our own version managment (software from proalpha) if i run a checkin or checkout.

If i checkout the code i can't compile first, because there are unreadable characters in comments and OEA asks for saving as UTF-8.


Posted by jmls on 21-Jun-2012 02:26

sounds nasty .. and perhaps a source of the problem

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