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Posted by saquib on 26-Sep-2012 09:04


I have a scenario where I have created a new task in the Roundtable Plugin in Eclipse and checked out a .cls file into that task.

After making changes to the class, I save and compile my code but I don't see my changes reflected when the class runs within my .NET application.

Looking at my workspace folder, the .cls file is there but there is no Rcode file.

If however, other uses compile the file for me in their Eclipse programs the file compiles and I see my code changes!

Does anyone have any ideas?



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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 26-Sep-2012 09:41


Do you disable the builder for the project? Is 'Build Automatically' selected in the 'Project' menu on the main Eclipse window.

The location of the r-code will depend upon the share-status of the Object.

If it is central-share, the r-code will be place in the physical directory for the Roundtable Workspace. For non-central share (task, group, etc), the r-code will be in the task directory underneath your OpenEdge project directory.

Also, you should look at the Roundtable Object properties to confirm that it is marked as compiles.

Jeff Ledbetter

Roundtable Product Architect

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