How to auto-select file in the Resource view

Posted by ruan007 on 29-Nov-2012 21:45


When I open a file via Ctrl + Shift + R, the Resource view doesn't refresh to select/highlight it, so I still have to drill down to the folder, select the file and check it out for edit from the source control.

Is there an option to have the Resoource view auto-select a file whenever it's opened/viewed in the code editor?



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Posted by sdhavala on 29-Nov-2012 23:42

Hi Kevin,

We can use “Link with editor” option from View menu option in “Project explorer” or “Resource view” to Auto select the corresponding files opened in source editor.

Please find the below screen shot.



Posted by Admin on 29-Nov-2012 23:48

The link with editor is certainly the way to go. However sometimes I maximize the source code editor (CTRL-M) to have more room for the source code.

In this case it's handy that team-providers integrate into the eidtor context menu, see attached.

What SCM tool are you using?

Posted by ruan007 on 30-Nov-2012 00:15

Hi Satyam,

Thanks for that, it's exactly what I was looking for.



Posted by ruan007 on 30-Nov-2012 00:16

Hi Mike,

We also use TFS plugin, Thanks for the tip.



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