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Posted by saquib on 22-Nov-2012 10:14


I'm trying to get my 10.2B04 eclipse roundtable plugin to connect to my 10.2B04 appserver. The appserver is connected to a 10.2A roundtable Db that is served under 10.2B04

When I get to the point in Eclipse of entering my username into the rountable configuration wizard after having supplied the host/port/name the application simply hangs.

The roundtable plugin is the latest version 2.4.4.

Has this happened to anyone else?



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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 22-Nov-2012 11:18


What is the URI connection string that you are entering? The connection parameters could be incorrect and it's just waiting to time-out.




Additionally, check your AppServer server log for any errors and also verify that the appserver is running.

"The appserver is connected to a 10.2A roundtable Db that is served under 10.2B04"

The Roundtable repository database schema version should be Roundtable 10.2B as well or the server will not compile on installation.


Posted by saquib on 03-Dec-2012 04:21


Thanks for your reply. I'm passing in:

AppServerDC://machinename:13055/roundtableappservername. When I hit test connection it returns OK but when I try to enter my login name it hangs and eventually returns the error(see first screenshot)

The broker log says:

[12/12/03@10:07:18.458+0000] P-017436 T-C-0001 2 UB Basic      Client connected : . (8533)
[12/12/03@10:07:18.462+0000] P-017436 T-C-0001 2 UB Basic      The client requested ASK version= 1.0  capabilities= allowServerASK,denyClientASK. (13769)
[12/12/03@10:07:18.464+0000] P-017436 T-C-0001 2 UB Basic      The negotiated ASK version= 1.0  capabilities= denyServerASK,denyClientASK.  ASK protocol is disabled for this connection. (15256)
[12/12/03@10:07:18.480+0000] P-017436 T-C-0001 2 UB Basic      Client disconnected : . (8534)

The server log:

[12/12/03@10:07:18.471+0000] P-016556 T-018756 3 AS AS Negotiated ASK Version= 1.0  capabilities= allowServerASK,denyClientASK  ActivityTimeout= 60  ResponseTimeout= 60
[12/12/03@10:07:18.473+0000] P-016556 T-018756 3 AS AS CSS_CONN before ACK, connection= bound=0 changed=0
[12/12/03@10:07:18.477+0000] P-016556 T-018756 3 AS AS disconnect requestID= disconnect(
[12/12/03@10:07:18.479+0000] P-016556 T-018756 2 AS AS Application Server disconnected with connection id: (8359)

If I try AppServer://nameserver:2999/roundtableappservername the connection test fails with the error(see second screenshot):

Also, I can verify that the appserver is running with:

lvlResult = lvhAppServer:CONNECT("-AppService appserver name -DirectConnect -H machinename -S 13055") NO-ERROR.

Many Thanks,


P.S. I'll add a documrnt with screenshots shortly.

Posted by asthomas on 03-Dec-2012 04:22

I am not in the office until December 4th 2012. I will not be checking my mail and phone on a regular basis, but will reply to your mail as soon as I can.

If you need support from appSolutions, please send your mails to

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Jeg er væk fra kontoret indtil den 4. december, og checker ikke mail og telefon regelmæssigt. Jeg vil dog svare på din mail så snart som muligt.

Hvis du har behov for support, kontakt venligst, så vender vi tilbage så snart det er muligt.

Administrative henvendelser kan ske til :

Med venlig hilsen / Regards

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Posted by saquib on 03-Dec-2012 04:54


I have this working! I used the direct connect method AppServerDC but did not specify the appserver name only the port:




Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 03-Dec-2012 09:00


Both of those look like the broker log to me.

The previous connection examples that I provided should work just fine provided that you the appserver is running and you are entering the correct values. I've never tried without specifying the appserver name. I suppose the AppServer just defaults to the default service.


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