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Posted by saquib on 03-Dec-2012 05:49


Has anyone else experienced an issue whereby opening a file (double clicking) in an active task in the RTB Tasks perspective in eclipse causes the file to open but the file has no contents?

Previous file versions opened from the RTB history perspective open with no problems and their contents are intact.

I'm using the RTB 11 plugin.


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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 03-Dec-2012 08:54


That generally occurs when one of the following conditions exist:

1. Your AppServer broker owner does not have read permission to the Roundtable workspace.

2. Your Roundtable Workspace uses a mapped drive instead of UNC path. AppServers don't do well with mapped drives.

You can always contact us via support@roundtable-tsms.com or support-europe@roundtable-tsms.com or PSC tech support as well.


Posted by saquib on 03-Dec-2012 09:08

It was point two. Now fixed.



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