Compile .p to run on tty session on OEA

Posted by ruan007 on 17-Dec-2012 21:27


How can I configure OEA to compile a .p to run on a tty session? After I compiled it using the compile menu and ran it, I got "program was compiled under another incompitable environment" error.



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Posted by DivyaTheja on 17-Dec-2012 22:03

Hi Kevin,

The project AVM you are using to compile doesn't have TTY libraries.

To compile your procedure in TTY environment, Open the Project properties and select Use TTY for Runtime option in Progress OpenEdge page.

Now, You will be able to compile and Run the procedure file in TTY envirinment.



Posted by ruan007 on 17-Dec-2012 22:40

Thank you sir, i learned something new everyday

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