Compile only files with errors?

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 08-Jan-2013 03:04

When using PDS I sometimes perform a 'get latest' from TFS but my database is not yet running (yes I know there is a setting to autostart the database from the project).

The result is that all new files fail with compile errors due to there being no database connection.

How can I recompile only those files with compile errors? If I compile the project, everything is recompiled (this takes over an hour). From the 'problem' view I can select multiple problems, but cannot compile.

Do I really need to select every single file and manually recompile it?!?

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Posted by Admin on 08-Jan-2013 03:06

I guess so....

And while we're at it, a build based on working sets would also be a nice feature.

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 08-Jan-2013 04:16

And imagine a normal queue being used for the compiler. 'resources from the following projects could not be compiled' because the compiler is still busy with the previous compile task...

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