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Posted by DenDuze on 21-Mar-2013 07:34

In Window - Preferences - Progress OpenEdge - Editor - Edito - Colors I can find the colors that will be applied to some categories of Progress code but where can I fid the list of what words belong to all those categories?

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Posted by ydevatra on 21-Mar-2013 07:52

Most of category labels are self explanatory for example "Comment" , "Include". If you need more information about these options then please press "F1" being on same preference page, it will open context sensitive help. If you are looking for further information then refer "OpenEdge Help >> ABL Reference".

Hope you will find what you are looking for. Please let us know if you still have any specific questions.


Yogesh Devatraj

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 21-Mar-2013 08:02

As Yogesh said, most of the labels are self explanatory. If you are looking for a list of all ABL keywords, you can find them in Help:

Open "OpenEdge Help" -> Reference Help -> ABL Reference -> Keyword Index

Posted by DenDuze on 22-Mar-2013 03:30

I know what keywords there are and what they mean (although most of them because there are so many ) but what I want is a list of the keywords that belong to each category.

With category I mean the coloring in PDSO (or what is it called these days)

I want to use the same coloring in my documentaion as the coloring that is used in PDSO.

Therefore I would like to get the same keyword-list so that I can configure that in my documentation.

I know I can take screenshots from PDSO but I don't want that.

In PSDO you can set the color for each group but you can't see witch keywords belong to witch category.

There has to be a list (configuration) somewhere because otherwise how can the editor know what color a keyword has to get.

So my question is: where are these lists configured/maintained

Posted by Matt Baker on 22-Mar-2013 07:32

All the keywords in PDS are colored the same.  What is different is that some non-keyword items like strings, numeric literals, include file references, database table names, and comments have different coloring from the keywords.

The keyword lists themselves are embedded in text files in one of the .jar files for the PDS plugins.

you can generate your own keyword list by running the following:

prowin32.exe -zgenkwlist > keywords.txt

You can find this here:

Posted by DenDuze on 22-Mar-2013 07:59

Ok, thanks.

But then are data-types also no keywords,

The color of these is also different.

So somewhere there has to be a list with what words belong to a specific category (so these words get the color of that category)

But maybe nobody knows where that is defined.

Thanks for the replies

Posted by Matt Baker on 22-Mar-2013 08:40

There are only about ten built-in data types.  You can look in the doc for the list.  The rest would be class names which you define yourself.

Like I said before,  The lists are embedded in the .jar files in the PDS plugins, but they're not in a format that would provide what you are looking for.

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