Using -zdlc for the project AVM

Posted by Admin on 23-Apr-2013 02:11

With Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge the progress.ini file is typically only required when you need to set fonts needed for compilation.

When doing so, the fact that the progress.ini file is also containing the DLC setting for the project AVM is annoying when attempting to use a central progress.ini file in a team where Progress may be installed differntly on each machine.

I birefly tried to override the DLC setting from the ini file with the -zdlc parameter (typically used in the WebClient). And that works! Is Progress expecting any issue from this solution? Would that be a formally supported approach?

I also tried to set -zdlc using -zdlc @{DLC} but that does not work. So it seems that the Progress Developer Studio variables are not parsed for the AVM startup parameters. Is that considered a bug or just a missing feature?

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