OE11.2 : table names not showing up

Posted by davidkerkhofs3 on 05-Jun-2013 10:05


I'm having an issue with OE11.2. I've connected 8 databases.

When trying to edit a file I want to make use of the code assist to look up a table name.

I currently notice 2 things:

1) tables don't show up when I type the first letters (even the full table name, yes with correct casing)

2) some tables are seen by OEA as part of database A when they in fact reside in database B

I first thought to resolve it by refreshing the Class cache (Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Advanced > Class Cache) but this doesn't help.

Anybody suffering from the same issue?

In 11.1 I can't recall having this problem.


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Posted by asthomas on 05-Jun-2013 10:08

I am out of the office until June 6th 2013. I will not be checking my mail and phone on a regular basis, but will reply to your mail as soon as I can.

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Jeg er væk fra kontoret indtil den 6. juni 2013, og checker ikke mail og telefon regelmæssigt. Jeg vil dog svare på din mail så snart som muligt.

Hvis du har behov for support, kontakt venligst support@app-solutions.com, så vender vi tilbage så snart det er muligt.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 05-Jun-2013 13:50

Check the GUIDs of the database.  You might have a duplicate.  OEA uses them to uniquely identify the database, but if you have a database that was copied and then later changed, you may have a duplicate one.  You can fix it using the database administration tool.

Posted by davidkerkhofs3 on 06-Jun-2013 05:53

Thank you, resetting them solved the issue.

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