OEA 10.2B07: Corrupted Sourcecode through OEA!

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 12-Jun-2013 01:38

In the last time, as i worked often with OEA in a fast way, i noticed that something is changing the case of my methods!



public character ReceiptpositionPayCardCCPrintTrx( piPosition as integer ):

Something has changed Position to position!


public character ReceiptPositionPayCardCCPrintTrx( piPosition as integer ):

This effect belongs to methods, properties and(!) comments!!!

I have activated many autocorrection options and use keyboard shortcuts for autocorrections and save.

Sometimes i noticed, when i type in a very fast way, that my sourcecode became corrupted because all "autothings" seems to run in the same time!

I am 99,99999% sure that this is a multithreading problem within OEA (the added things from Progress to Eclipse).

Does anybody else noticed this things?


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Posted by robw@hltool.com on 12-Jun-2013 11:08

10.2B07 is still named Architect - v11 is PDS. Which version are you using when you see this behavior?

Do you have your Preferences set for keyword casing - such as change casing save. The default opion is not to save casing. *note: this may not be it, as you would see all keywords change not just position.

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 13-Jun-2013 01:31

I am confused about your first question, using 10.2B07, not V11.

I have active this option (working the most time without trouble):


(all options)

As You type

(all options)

Apply keyword(s) casing on save

Expand database tables and fields

and some others.

Posted by robw@hltool.com on 13-Jun-2013 05:48

>I am confused about your first question, using 10.2B07, not V11.

my mistake - the name of this forum is "PDS formerly Architect" - I normally respond to these via email and not progress.com, so it looked to me like this was the subject created by the OP.


>(all options)

>As You type

>(all options)

>Apply keyword(s) casing on save

>Expand database tables and fields

>and some others.

I have the same settings in Architect, also for 10.2B07. I also have my default casing as lowercase.

Perhaps you have "position" as a table name somewhere in your schema? Or it could be that position is reserved word and this is somewhat buggy behavior.

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 13-Jun-2013 05:55

The problem is that it happens rarely but if it happens it's a bad thing, escpecially if i didn't notice it because OEA shows no error.
It seems to be a bug, a very nasty one.

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