How to: pin PDS icon to the Windows 7 taskbar

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 25-Jul-2013 00:52

Openedge 11.2.1

Win7 x64

When pinning the start menu icon to the taskbar, starting PDS from the taskbar results in an additional icon on the taskbar. This is an Eclipse issue which required a few additional steps to solve for PDS:

  1. remove the -vm parameter (and value) from the shortcut (was: C:\progress\DeveloperStudio3.7\eclipse\eclipse.exe -vm c:\progress\developerstudio3.7\jre\bin\javaw.exe, now: C:\progress\DeveloperStudio3.7\eclipse\eclipse.exe)
  2. remove javaw.exe from the -vm value in eclipse.ini (was: -vm c:/progress/developerstudio3.7/jre/bin/javaw.exe, now: c:/progress/developerstudio3.7/jre/bin/)
  3. ensure PDS is not pinned to the taskbar
  4. start PDS
  5. when started and your workspace has been opened, pin to taskbar - the taskbar icon defaults to the standard eclipse icon
  6. adjust the eclipse icon to the 'progress' icon available in the same directory as eclipse.exe (C:\progress\DeveloperStudio3.7\eclipse) - note that you will need to reboot for this to take effect

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