Speed problem using server share for OpenEdge Project in oe

Posted by mass on 20-Aug-2013 11:40

With oe 11.1 no speed issues at all. After the switch over to 11.2 and the same with 11.3 it takes 1-2 minutes to open a subfolder in the Project Explorer view. It also activates a process that freezes the architect for 1-2 minutes. This process seems to be activated by random? Does anybody have a solution for this? (Note: The reason for the remote share is that the project is running on a linux server. Tests have been done to eliminate samba as the same results are seen when the project is on a windows share. The network is 100mb/s and is working without any problems with oe 11.1 version?)

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Posted by Anil Kumar on 21-Aug-2013 07:59

Hi Daniel,
Can you please provide the process (from task manager) that is causing the PDSOE to freeze. Also, can you please provide some information on the behavior that is being observed like:
1)     Does network path contain only ABL Source files or it also contain any static files (like .JPEG files or any utility files)?
2)     The environment contain only PDSOE plug-ins or any other SCM (like Roundtable) Plug-ins as well?
3)     Performance degradation : Is it with respect to Editor Functionality or PDSOE launch or Any specific operation inside PDSOE
Thanks and Regards,
Anil Kumar.

Posted by mass on 21-Aug-2013 11:09

The code in the OpenEdge Project on the server share is progress only text files. There may be one or two bash script files but no jpeg or java. The architect is installed by using the defaults. The only changes is the date from dmy to mdy and the path locations requested  during the install is set to other local paths so that there is no conflict between different versions of the architect. (Only one is running at a time.) From the Task Manager it indicates that java is running and using most of the cpu. I have activated the JConsole to see if it will give me more information. It lists a number of threads running but cannot locate the one that is causing the high useage. 2 things to remember. 1) With a eclipse 3.7.1 only installation, can access the server share without any speed problem. After loading the OpenEdge plug-in's and configure the server share as a OpenEdge Project the speed problem immediately takes place. 2) OE 11.1 (before the mobile development features has been added) works without any speed problem.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 21-Aug-2013 11:17

"The environment contain only PDSOE plug-ins or any other SCM (like Roundtable) Plug-ins as well?"

None of the Roundtable plug-ins (TSMS or Team) would have an affect on or cause OE tooling performance issues.

From what I have observed, if the class caching includes the PROPATH and there is a network share in the PROPATH, the tooling process takes quite some time.

Posted by mass on 21-Aug-2013 11:28

The PROPATH is set to the remote share where the source code is. The PROPATH is the same for the oe 11.1,  oe 11.2 and oe 11.3. For some reason 11.2 amd 11.3 seems to run into this speed problem while 11.1 seems to be uneffected by it. 

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