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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Aug-2013 11:00

I have an 11.3 workspace containing two projects.   One is the place where I am actively working.  The other is some code I have received from an external source as the zip of an Eclipse project, but not a OpenEdge project.

So, first question is, is there a way to turn this imported project into an OpenEdge project?   If so, I suspect that will take care of the symptom which is causing the behavior I am trying to correct here.

The code I received from the external source contained a misspelling (Discout for Discount).  Even though the project is not an OpenEdge project, if that project is open, there are three errors shown in the Problems window relating to that error.  I am not sure how they got there, but the immediate issue is that I can't make them go away other than by explicitly closing that project (which makes it hard to refer to).

Moreover, the path name for the .cls file with the error which is shown in these messages is the path name for the file in my active project.  In the imported project, not only is the project name different, but there is another level in the directory tree.  Clicking on the line in Problems will open the file in the imported project, however.  I.e., the path as shown in the Problems box does not match the path shown in the title bar when the file is opened.

Moreover, while my preference is to leave the imported files in their virgin state, if I correct the spelling error, the problem does not go away.  I suspect this is because I can't compile ... compile and clear all errors being grayed out, presumbably because it is not an OpenEdge project.

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Posted by Anil Kumar on 28-Aug-2013 11:12

Hi Thomas,

>>>So, first question is, is there a way to turn this imported project into an OpenEdge project?

Yes. You can add the OpenEdge facet for the imported project from the Project properties page. Following are the detailed steps:

1) Open Project properties page and select 'Project Facets' option

2) Click on 'Convert to faceted form...'. Observe that set of facets are listed now in the same page

3) Select 'OpenEdge' option and click on OK button to complete the Project properties page

4) Observe that OE Nature gets added to the project and all of OE procedure libraries are listed underneath project directory in the Project Explorer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Aug-2013 11:27

Thanks.  That did work.  Naturally, there was some other setup I had to do like the DB connection and the PROPATH, but it is now behaving itself.  To actually get rid of the errors I had to modify the code, of course, but I can have the virgin copy external to PDS and serve that purpose.  This will be much more useful in the long run.

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