11.3 64 bit win64 issues

Posted by Darren Parr on 11-Sep-2013 07:47


As I often run out of memory in 32 bit, I've just licenced the 64 bit PSDOE. Most things are OK but want a workaround for the following.

The application I'm supporting makes heavy use of activex controls (namely mscomctl.ocx). Unfortuntaley this control is 32 bit only.

This means I have to run it with a 32 bit client which I do not currently have. I'm usng a 32 bit webclient for local testing but would like to setup a run configuration. is there any way of changing the progress executable I use and is there any way of supporting 32 bit activex controls in eclipse from a development perspective?

I know from previously that I can't run 32 bit and 64 bit for 11.3 at the same time.



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Posted by Bill Wood on 14-Oct-2013 06:01

Currently (as of 11.3.1) you cannot have both a 32-bit and 64-bit product installed simultaneously on the same computer.  This applies to PDSOE as well as the basic client..    This does mean that you can't have a 64-bit PDSOE running a 32-bit executable for testing.

Eclipse (used by PDSOE), tje JVM it uses, and the AVM (running and compiling ABL within it) are 64-bit components and those cannot run 32-bit ActiveX controls.

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