Posted by LegacyUser on 22-Mar-2006 23:32

Do i need to restart my webspeed , when recompiling my application.

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Posted by Sasha Kraljevic on 02-Jun-2006 04:52

It depends... If you are starting your WebSpeed agents with -q, or using the

procedure libraries then you would have to trim the agents so that they pick

up the changes in the r-code. If you are not using -q or pl then you don't

have to restart WebSpeed agents; the re-compiled code will be used on the

first following RUN statement. Of course, if you are running some persistent

procedures as you would if you need super procedures, than you would have

to trim/re-add agents. If in doubt, then restart the entire WebSpeed broker.

Posted by Admin on 15-Oct-2006 14:41

I prefer to trim the agents above the stop/start of the broker. Because with a trim the application is not down and with a stop/start the application is down for a short time (depends on your application and configuration from a few seconds to ...)

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