Provision Plus + Webspeed TRqansaction Server = Webspeed App

Posted by Admin on 06-Jul-2010 20:41

I am having trouble installing our new Webspeed Transaction Server license. I already tried installing our old Provision Plus License then followed by webspeed TRansaction Server but still i couldn't still access the webtools/web appbuilder. I suspected (and one of our co-member's here in this community agreed to my suspision) that iI still have to install another license webspeed Workshop.. But my boss insisted that it is possible to access a web appbuilder even without the webspeed workshop because we already have the provision plus. is it true? i am confused. please i need help asap. and if my boss is true how can i setup my web server first before installing my webspeed transaction server license? =(

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Posted by Matt Baker on 07-Jul-2010 10:10


What version are you installing?

And what webserver (and version) are you using?

During the setup of Progress/OpenEdge you are prompted for the kind of webserver.  The installer then takes care of copying the required files to the right locations.   The installer assumes you already have the webserver installed.  If I remember correctly, Provision Plus includes pretty much everything available for ABL development licenses, including webspeed workshop.

Posted by Admin on 07-Jul-2010 20:38

i am currently using provision 91c...

i mistakenly installed 'webspeed transaction server' after i have installed provision 91c, instead of creating/configuring websserver first.

can you tell me the step by step procedure of how to setup and configure a webserver? my dynatext pdf has no detailed instructions with regards to the webserver configuration.

your help is very much appreciated...

thank you in advance = )

Posted by Matt Baker on 08-Jul-2010 09:21

It really depends on what webserver you are using.  Apache has their own installer that you can download and run.  With IIS I believe it is a windows component that you can install from the control panel.

You should read the deployment documentation for WebSpeed as it can provide you with much better descriptions than I can.

For 9.1D and WebSpeed 3.1D you can find the docs here:

The basic steps are:

Install the webserver.

Copy the messager executable (cgiip.exe or wsisa.dll) from the /bin directory to the scripts directory of the webserver.

Then you will need to link or copy the webspeed workshop static files to the appropriate directory in the webserver document root.

After that you can define the WebSpeed broker using Progress Explorer tool (icon is on Windows start menu).

Posted by Admin on 09-Jul-2010 00:18

thank you sir

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