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Posted by jmls on 04-May-2011 15:23

Has anyone used this for their website ? I didn't realise until today that the whole project is open source and you can use GA with your own sites. There's an example at

There are clients available for android, iPhone and wp7 (alpha)

I was wondering if anyone had written an ABL library to authenticate / decode the totp (Timebased one time password) and used this to create a client-principal which then can be used for the duration of the session.

A great way of getting 2-factor authentication for your site

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Posted by jmls on 05-May-2011 00:20

aww, shucks. Looks like it's down to me then

Posted by jmls on 05-May-2011 09:19

okay, got it working using

1) Google authenticator for the client device (iPhone / Android)

2) Multiotp command line authenticator from

3) authenication via RADIUS using

4) Working on apache module authentication using (not quite there yet - command line works but not the web server part)

basic ABL working using this (really cruddy) code


IF search("c:\temp\jls.txt") NE ? THEN OS-DELETE VALUE("c:\temp\jls.txt") NO-ERROR.

OS-COMMAND SILENT VALUE('C:\multiotp\multiotp.exe -debug "my account" 883443 >c:\temp\jls.txt 2>&1').

COPY-LOB FROM FILE "c:\temp\jls.txt" TO a.


Well. That was ... fun ....

Now to look for proper dll and .net versions ..

Posted by jmls on 05-May-2011 12:04

this looks better

MESSAGE (NEW DotR.#Otp.Account())

            :Name("my account")




Posted by OctavioOlguin on 23-Dec-2015 15:14

I wonder, did you got something functional, that you could recommend?


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