Mobile development and Webspeed licensing

Posted by deanlaughland on 13-Mar-2013 09:41

We are developmenting a mobile application using jquerymobile/html5/css3 on the client.  The web server will be using PHP and making webspeed requests over to our OpenEdge database.  In this model, our application will be making several asynchronous AJAX calls to pull the data for a single screen potentially.  Each request will be very small getting a small amount of data.  No testing has been done yet, but would expect the webspeed broker will only be busy for a few milliseconds before it is released and available for the next request. 

We are trying to determine how many webspeed licensing would be needed as we assume it is some sort of ratio of concurrent users to number of simulatenous requests.


assume 100 concurrent users are actively using the mobile application

assume at most 5 AJAX requests simultaneously for a given screen

In our old Web application, we render the entire page in a single webspeed request.  So each request took longer, but there were less requests.  So in our example, we guessed at a ratio of 10 to 1, meaning at any given moment 10 users would be requesting a page at the same time (even though 100 users might be logged into the web application).  So we had 10 webspeed licenses.

In our new mobile application,

the extreme case, it seems it would be:

5 AJAX requests x 100 users (regardless if making simulatenous request) = 500 webspeed licenses

under our old thinking, we would need

5 AJAX requests x 10 users (requesting simulatenously) = 50 webspeed licenses

any thoughts?


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