Cgiip.exe process POST request timeout

Posted by daniel.wall on 30-Jul-2013 04:53


We're currently trying to debug an issue we have whereby our file upload form (from a c'# .net web application) works with the .net2.x/32 bit version of our application but no longer works with the .net4.x/64 bit version, the request times out without connecting to the webbroker.

GET requests work fine on both versions, it just seems to be the 64 bit POST request we have an issue with.

I've traced the process as far as I can but lose track once it gets to cgiip, with the logging level turned up to 99 I can see where it gets to in cgiip but there's no indication of why it is failing.

This is the specific part where the request stops, the msng log entries in orange are the ones that appear in the working version, the broken version times out after outputting the content length.
4 ENV -------       000DE0:OTE_USER=.       : 4F 54 45 5F 55 53 45 52 3D FF
2 ENV -------       CONTENT_LENGTH=  57
2 ENV -------       PATH_INFO= /fileupload.chi/wui/upload.html
2 ENV -------       QUERY_STRING= sessuionid=asdasd4654adasasd454
4 NS    UBNET     winsock_initialize(0x12E160,.\,NULL)
4 NS    UBNET     winsock_initialize(0x12E160)       : WSAStartup OK
I'm not convinced the issue is with the Progress side, given that nothing is being altered there when we change versions of .net, however that's where the trail ends and nothing is throwing any errors so is the part we need to look at.
So, (getting to the point!) my questions are:
  • Has anyone seen this before/does anyone know what could cause this?
  • Does anyone know the process which cgiip goes through when handling a request so we can try to work out what is failing?

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Posted by Paul-V on 30-Jul-2013 04:58

Dear mailer,

I will be out of the office until Monday August 19th, 2013.

In urgent cases please contact Peter Rietdijk, Wim Keuker or Romano Wattimena.

Thank you.


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