multiple fields of the same name

Posted by jmls on 17-Sep-2013 04:04

I have a client front-end that sends a get request with the following url:


which, basically creates 4 fields with the following data :

  1. ids[]:0x0000000000000386
  2. ids[]:0x00000000000003a4
  3. ids[]:0x00000000000003cf
  4. ids[]:0x0000000000000631

so, if I am using get-field(name) , how can I get all four fields ?



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Posted by Jens Dahlin on 17-Sep-2013 06:18

get-field("ids[]") will give you a comma separated list containing all values. That's how all inputs with the same name are handled - regardless if the name includes [] or not.

Posted by jmls on 18-Sep-2013 08:39

ah, many thanks.

On 17 September 2013 12:19, Jens Dahlin

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