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Posted by LegacyUser on 24-Nov-2004 13:12

I've five databases connected and I'm trying to switch between the databases using progress commands. I already know how to show which databases are connected but I haven't get through how to switch between this databases.

Hope someone can help me.



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Posted by Admin on 25-Nov-2004 18:45

Hi Miguel,

For what reason are you trying to switch databases?

If it is for dictionary tools, you can use the alias dictdb.

If it is to reference tables that have the same name in 1 or more databases - you can user dbname.tablename.fieldname syntax, or you can create an alias for you code to use and then point the alias at each database in turn.

Hope this helps.

If not you may need to explain what you are looking for in a little more detail.


- Colin.

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