Posted by Admin on 05-Sep-2005 22:35

Hi guys,

I have been using progress for the last 8 years. but i haven't touch any SQL Statement. Can anybody help me in my problem regarding SQL Trigger? Basically, this is what I wanted to do:

Problem: I'm accessing the Progress DB via ODBC and wanted to update a table x field depending on the changes on the field of table y (same DB). I found out the by using ODBC the 4GL trigger will not work.

Solution: I want to define a simple SQL-92 Trigger. My problem

1. I don't know how to define.

2. I don't know how to do SQL-92 coding.

3. My goal is this:

Update the status of UAPE.PESTS = UZWF.WFASTS when I wrote a new value to UZWF.WFASTS and When UZWF.WFSSYS = "WORKFLOW" (This is by using ODBC).

I hope anybody can help me.



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