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Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2005 05:13

I'm working on an application with several pages. when adding page 33, during syntax check i got the following error:

REPLACE/CONCAT may not result in data >32000 bytes.

This seems to be a hard limit as to how long, in this case, the procedure adm-create-objects can be. Half way through defining page 33 the appbuilder stops creating the source, resulting in errors later.

Does anyone have a solution to this size limit? The only work-around i've been able to think of is working in the procedure editor instead of the appbuilder when working on this window, and that's not an acceptable solution, since more people perform maintenance on it.

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Posted by svi on 07-Nov-2005 09:27


You may want to search the Knowledge Center. There are a number of knowledgebase entries regarding REPLACE/CONCAT.



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