crflush: crdir is busy . (1226)

Posted by jmls on 01-May-2007 04:03

Since I installed 10.1B I have had some problems compiling a couple of classes.

class a :

def protected var d as someclass.

def protected var e as someotherclass.

class b inherits class a, and uses d and e in one of the methods.

sometimes when recompiling, class b refuses to compile, complaining that d is not defined.

Trying to track down this message, I was syntax checking class b from the editor and got the following message,

crflush: crdir is busy . (1226)

followed by a "syntax is ok".

message 1226 is defined as

"crflush: crdir is busy . (1226)

PROGRESS cannot discard the current compilation, because it is referenced elsewhere. "

There is no reference to this on the KB.

Can anyone shed any light ?

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