How to use MS SQL server with Progress 9?

Posted by relgert on 17-Aug-2007 12:12

Can someone point me to some sample code on how I can write code in 4GL, connect to MS SQL and manipulate data.

I have the SQL Server7 Enter softwre form progress... and running the DatServer - MS SQL utilities I have connected and dumoed table definitions and data to my SQL Server... now I want to manipulate it.

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Posted by svi on 17-Aug-2007 13:59


I am not sure to understand your question, because it seems that you are using the OpenEdge DataServer for MS SQL Server already, with which you can just use ABL to do your data management. Can you elaborate please?

I've seen your posting on PEG as well, and a couple of replies. Perhaps your issue has been addressed already?



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