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Posted by Admin on 02-Sep-2007 22:52

Hi all, need some help on the open client programming using .Net.

I have read the manual "OpenEdge® Development: .NET Open Clients", and understand that there are 2 ways to connect to Appserver (to pass data to & fro).

a)Using proxy (generated by Proxygen)

b)Directly using API , i.e OpenAppObj

I am using OpenEdge 10.0B3 , and would like to try method (b).

However, I write a simple code in the Visual Studio.Net 2005 , I could not even build it successfully . The error message shows that type of namespace of OpenAppObject , ParamArray etc cannot be found .

I wonder the reason is because 10.0B has not yet support the direct access Appserver , or am I missed out some thing.

In short , my question are

1. Since which version of OE, the method (b), direct access Appserver using .Net OpenAPI are supported ?

2. Do I need to add any references in the Visual Studio.Net in order to use those API (i.e OpenAppObject, ParamArray etc)

Thanks in advanced for any guidance.

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Posted by Admin on 03-Sep-2007 00:50

Hi Cyber,

AFAIK the OpenAPI stuff has been introduced in 10.1A. But if you need to update anyway I'd directly go to 10.1B02.

You need to add the references to the 3 base libraries (Progress.Messages, Progress.o4glrt, Progress.ssl). It might be, that you need the last one only when you are using SSL connections. Progress.o4glrt contains all the objects you are looking for (can be viewed using then Visual Studio object browser). The assemblies reside in %DLC%/dotnet/deploy

Now that your questions are hopefully answered, I'd like to ask why you have chosen to go with the OpenAPI? Building a proxy is easy and a matter of 1 minute! And being forced (by no-one else but yourself) to access the AppServer only using a predefined set of procedures on the back-end (those defined in the Proxy), is a brilliant way of enforcing architectural patterns.


Posted by mhtan88 on 03-Sep-2007 21:21

Hi Mike,

How about if existing 10.0B GUI program that developed under ICFDB. is it able to reuse in 10.1B? due to the interface are totally changed.

Thank you.


Posted by Admin on 06-Sep-2007 01:35

Thanks Mike. I am doing the research on the ProDataSet to understand what can it do , and would like to know how flexible it can be. We haven't actually decided which approach to go.

I have another question about the proxy, if we use proxy , can we pass a dynamic DATASET ? If yes, how we can code in .Net client, do we still use StrongTypesNS to define the dataset parameter at the client side?

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