Converting from ibm850 to iso8859-1

Posted by Admin on 08-Nov-2007 06:34


I have a system around 800 or so .p, .w and .i files. They are saved in ibm850 format. For consistency i would want them in iso8859-1 (we have another system running in that codepage).

Basically I could write a program that does like pseudocode below. But isn't there any other way? A Progress applicaton for this kind of change perhaps?

repeat for each file {

create newFile in newdir.

repeat for each line of file {

input line.

output line to newFile convert target to iso8859-1.



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Posted by rstanciu on 09-Nov-2007 05:16


here you have an example for a recursive code conversion.

(OS = linux)

Posted by rstanciu on 13-Nov-2007 04:22

Another way to convert files is to use iconv (linux) in a OS-COMMAND.


iconv --from-code=ibm850 --to-code=iso8859-1 ./mycode.p > ./mycode.p.1

Posted by Admin on 16-Nov-2007 03:00

Thanks! That's would be the perfect solution, the problem is that these files are stored on a Windows Server.

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