Include file arguments - mixing named and unnamed

Posted by d.cook on 31-Jan-2008 18:56

As most of us would probably be aware, the include file syntax allows for two types of arguments/parameters: named and unnamed (numbered). But you cannot mix the two types.

The reason I want to do this is because I have a global directive defined which needs to keep it's value, but want to pass a directive of the same name with a different value to the include file. I also need to pass unnamed arguments. For example (doesn't work):

&global-define named-arg globalvalue

&global-define named-arg globalvalue

&scoped-define named-arg arg2

&undefine named-arg /undefine the scoped directive/


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Posted by jtownsen on 04-Feb-2008 03:36

As you've probably figured out yourself, mixing named and unnamed is somewhat problematic. Your solution is workable if you really need to use unnamed parameters, but the best approach by far is to only use named parameters.

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