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Posted by dseichter on 24-Feb-2008 09:19


I am working with OpenEdge 10.1B and do not know, how I can handle the following:

For checking, if some values in my database are valid, I have to send these values over the internet to an official server with the url like


The result is a XML file, which I only see in my browser at the moment, but not able to analyze within progress.

The xml-file is designed like (only one parameter given to you, to keep a simple read)

I searched the forum for about 2 hours and read the documentation about webservices and xml, but I only found solutions and answers, if the requested webservice is a progress webservice, but this isn't anyone.

I hope, my english is understandable and anyone can give me a tip, where to find a sample or which procedures/functions I have to use to do what I want?

Thank you very much in advance


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Posted by dseichter on 25-Feb-2008 07:48

May I should use the 'web service adapter'?

Posted by Admin on 25-Feb-2008 07:57

The web service adapter is the wrong direction. It enables incoming web service calls to the Progress AppServer.

If you have an WSDL URL you should start an "proenv" session. In that session, run the bprowsdldoc utility. It will generate some html docu (starting with an index.html) document that tells you the required ABL syntax to talk to the web service.

Note, that this requires to use and HTTP POST and not an HTTP GET as given in your sample (parameters as part of the service URL).

Posted by dseichter on 25-Feb-2008 14:15

Thank you for your answer. I will take a look at your solution tomorrow. The problem is, that the URL should have HTTP GET...but I want to try it, maybe it works for other sites.

I will give you a report, after I did it.

Posted by dseichter on 26-Feb-2008 13:38

So, today I tried to use your solution, but I doesn't work.

The problem is, that the site only support HTTP GET requests. Isn't there a possibility to call the URL and every information, that I receive, I can save into a variable or a file, that I am able to analyze?

The url is:


Posted by Admin on 26-Feb-2008 14:01

Progress built in DOM parser can import xml from http servers directly. You can then use the methods of the X-DOCUMENT widget to parse the document or save if to a longchar or a file (for manual parsing). The following works (with a different xml url) in 10.1B:




hXDOC:LOAD ("file", "http://www.psdn.com/library/rss/rssmessages.jspa?categoryID=1&numItems=100&Full=true", FALSE).

hXDOC:SAVE ("longchar", lcvar).


Posted by dseichter on 27-Feb-2008 06:24

Hello Mike,

thank you for your answer. In 10.1B I received an error, but in 10.1C beta your script is working fine (the KB gave me that solution, using 10.1C) and I am glad to see, how easy it is, if you know, what function you have to use.

So I have to wait until I can start developing with 10.1C

Posted by bbe on 27-Feb-2008 06:36

You probably know but 10.1C is available now.

Posted by dseichter on 27-Feb-2008 06:53

Yes, since monday, but I have to wait until my system administrator receive the approval, to install the new version.

Posted by bbe on 27-Feb-2008 09:21

we hope you get it soon then

We're also working on getting the new 10.1C evaluation up (will take a little while, We'll update the forums when it's there...

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