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Posted by pisiith on 02-Nov-2008 22:47

this error shows when I try to update or inset a data with length more than 16 characters. with ODBC driver(Merant 3.6 SQL92 ODBC 9.1D)

INSERT INTO PUB.kufd_det(kufd_name, kufd_prog_name, kufd_desc) VALUES('xxxxxx','xxxxxx','xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs')

the error is

"Charater is too long"

when I debugged the the kufd_desc is too long (17 characters)

How to resolved this. I want to update this field more than 16 characters

this field use format as x(100).

Do i need to define the character set or something?

I've found that this error also appear in 10.1B ODBC driver but can resolved with 10.1B02 patch. but I need to use 9.1

Help me please!!!!!!!.

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 03-Nov-2008 03:14

The issue is related to the fact the Progress DB has variable length fields. There is a setting on a per field basis called SQL-WIDTH which determines how many characters are returned or allowed to be inserted when using SQL.

Use the Data Dictionary to change the field in question to something that fits your requirements (or run DBTool command to get a report and/or fix SQL Width issues).


Posted by pisiith on 03-Nov-2008 20:51

thank you very much for your solution

I've found it in Data Dictinoary

Schema -> SQL Properties

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